Daddy's girl!

We always forget to take pictures of anyone besides Paisley - so last Sunday we made a conscious effort to. I hate the way mine turned out - but I thought this was a super cute one of Paisley and Blake. Blake is a great dad even if he is so busy that we rarely see him... He taught Paisley how to clap, shake her head no, and is way better at getting her to sleep than me. I am grateful for DADS.


Shayla and CJ Mabey said...

So cute!!! How do you get her to smile for these adorable pictures!? I Thank you for the new post, I've been looking out for a new one! Hope you have a great week!

The Van Fam said...

Hey Cyndi! How are you guys? Your little girl is absolutely adorable! I am sure you hear that a million times a day but she really is! We miss Adobe Ward so much and Michael wants me to tell you to tell Blake he says hey!