With all the fun of having Grandma and Grandpa Anderson to show off for, Paisley learned a lot of new tricks. This is the most exciting one - she mimics sounds that you say to her. I especially love the "Quack-Quack" - she usually repeats it in a super high-pitched voice. You have to watch the whole video to catch her really saying the words and her close encounter with the table... Oops! She is growing up so fast!


The Anderson Family said...

Thanks for sharing the fun video of Paisley. She is so cute and growing way too fast considering that we have not even met her yet. Hopefully soon we will meet. Sometime here soon we are headed west. Monte wants to go to AZ or some place sunny, so don't be surprised if we come knocking on your door.

Shayla and CJ Mabey said...

YAY! So fun! She is such a doll! Hunter's first phrase/word was Quack Quack too!

Kim said...

She is so cute. I love all the new things they learn. Everyone says I'm teaching Sage all these new tricks but the reality is that she learn them herself.