Monday Moms!

"I believe that colic exists in order to change deeply ingrained relationship habits. Even after the miracle of a new birth, many parents and families would revert back to their previous schedules and activities within a few weeks - if the new baby would only remain quiet and peaceful. It would be easy to continue reading what you want to read, going where you like to go, doing what you like to do as before, if only the baby would happily comply. Instead, the baby's exasperating fussy period forces families to leave their previous ruts and develop new dynamics which include this new individual. Colic demands attention. As parents grope for solutions to their child's crying, they notice a new individual with new needs. They instinctively pay more attention, talk more to child, and hold the child more - all because of colic. Colic is a powerful rite of passage, a postnatal labor pain where new patterns of family life are born."
- Dr. Alan Greene

This is for all you exhausted moms of newborns. This quote helped me a lot after Paisley was born and hit that four week mark and just started crying all the time for no reason. It still helps me when I get frustrated with her because of her demands for my attention. It helps me to see the reasoning behind it. If children didn't have the demands that they do it would be easy to continue with life without motherhood changing you - BUT it does change you, and your family, and your home... and it is all for the better!


AndersonGR8 said...

Cute -even with a banged up eye. Sure miss you two around this quiet house -- the clock only plays music on the hour now not everytime someone carries Paisley by it.
Love, Pops

Bailey said...

That was an interesting quote-& very true...I never thought of it all that way:)
So...you BETTER visit us in Boise!!! & I hope you do move there someday-that would be awesome!!
Jake kept saying, "Look there's Blake's mom & dad!", the whole time we were in Boise. Of course it never was...he is such a tease...it drives me crazy sometimes(& he knows it!).