What Paisley loved about Washington...
All of Grandma's "old-school" toys!
Playing with her "twinner" Cousin Breeanna - they share the same birthday!
The Plane Ride - slept entire time both going and coming!
Causing trouble with Cousin Malachi!
Grandma and Grandpa Anderson - they were the best part!
What Paisley didn't love about Washington...Learning how to share with Cousin Beckett!
It being too cold and rainy to go swimming!
When mom wanted to take her picture in her cute rain boots!
The snow - yes... snow in Washington in April. Too cold for Paisley but Beckett loved it though!
Paisley and Cyndi had a great trip to Washington - if Blake had been there and Paisley wasn't a sicky...
it would have been perfect!


The Hardy's said...

looks like you had a good time in Washington!! I love the pictures!! so cute!

AndersonGR8 said...

Cyndi and Paisley -- come back!
We miss you both greatly. Blake - thanks for sharing the best things in your life with us for a week. Pops