No Pets Allowed!

I really didn't want to post this (I don't want to contaminate my blog with harshness) but I just can't take it... This morning I woke (at 5:00am!!!) to the sound of a dog barking for like the 80th time since moving to this home. THEN I went for my morning run and was chased down the street by two ankle-biting canines. THEN I was watering my yard and found a lovely present of doggie-poo in my lawn.
Needless to say, I have bad karma with dogs.

So to all you dog owners - show some respect and please
1. Keep Fido from barking (especially before 8am).
2. Don't think that everyone is okay with on-the-loose animals
(especially if your dog is a chaser - I don't enjoy my life flashing before my eyes)
3. And common sense implies that no one likes stepping in doggy-poo (especially in their own yard).

Please enjoy your pet to your hearts content - just try to understand that not everyone is a fan.

(Just wanted to show I'm not heartless when it comes to dogs - just teach it some obedience!)


The Thompson Family said...

Hey Cyndi,
I just wanted to thank you for the adorable card with paisley. Let us know when you are coming to CA, if you can. You are always welcome here. Oh, and I couldn't help notice that dog's lucky paws.

AndersonGR8 said...

Amen to this blog. Although out running today a dog started to chase me and i turned around and growled at it and ran towards it -- it tucked its tail and ran scurrying down the road. I was lucky i thinnk - i was way too tired to out run it.