Monday Moms!

This would be a better world for children if parents had to eat their spinach too. -Groucho Marx

This quote just makes me laugh because I am hands down the pickiest person ever (well, maybe my brother David has got me beat). It is funny because I am always force feeding Paisley food that is much healthier than what I eat myself. The only problem is she is starting to catch on. She refuses to eat her crust on bread - which is a classic Cyndi eating habit - and the other day I tried to give her tri-color pasta and she wouldn't eat the green ones. One of the pains of motherhood is making sure your kid is eating right especially when I would rather just see her enjoying a delicious bowl of ice cream instead of those nasty peas!

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Hardy Party!~ said...

I love that quote!! It is so true!! RaeLynn just decided that she doesn't want her bread if the crust is on, it totally reminded me of you!!