Monday Moms!

When they placed you in my arms, you slipped into my heart. -- Author Unknown

I was trying to find some inspirational tid-bit that helped me understand why with all the joy that Paisley has brought into our lives, why did she also have to bring countless sleepless nights, endless messes, and feelings of overwhelming inadequacy. Lately, my patience has been so short with her and I wonder how any mom ever got through raising their children with any ounce of sanity still left in them. And then I saw this quote and without offering any concrete advice (like 6 sure-fire ways to get your kid to sleep through the night) it helped me out. For a bit, I am able to see past the frusterations and reflect back on that moment when Paisley entered this world and was first layed in my arms. NOTHING will ever come close to the emotions that ran throw my entire body and the instantanous love that I had for her. Someone once asked me if I cried when Paisley was born, and I tried to explain how I didn't even have a choice in the matter. For me, it was part of the whole process... she came out and my whole body cried out to hold her. My heart no longer belonged to me!

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Durfee Family said...

Wow, isn't that true! First I can't imagine you ever feeling impatient with Paisley, you are an amazing mom! 2nd I just got back from holding my little teeny tiny niece and it brings back all the feelings I had each time a new baby came into our home! Sweet, peace, innocence, and LOVE! There is nothing sweeter than a newborn!