Blah, blah, blah...

I try to restrain myself from just blabbing on here - but Blake is off being "Scoutmaster #1" for the night and after trying to keep Paisley up as long as I could (I liked the company) she finally crashed. I can't sleep when Blake is gone - I hate it. I grew up with 10 other people in my house, so I still have a really hard time when no one else is around - especially at night. Times like this make me wish my siblings, parents, or I would even take a great-aunt-twice-removed, lived closer. Arizona gets lonely sometimes and I hate that too! So here I am, not much to say, but thought I would catch the family and friends that are so far away up on some of Paisley's recent "tricks."

*She talks a ton. She will try to repeat most words if she is in the right mood. My favorites are "Here, Kitty, Kitty" (with her hands outstretched trying to persuade any kitty in the neighborhood to come play), "Bye Bike, Bye Shoe, Bye Bear" (before we leave the house she says bye to her bike, any shoes laying by the door, her bear, and anything else she can identify), and "Help, please" (I have really been pushing her to say this instead of just screaming when she needs help - it usually comes out in one word, i.e. "hel-pee")
I love hearing her little scratchy voice.

*She is shy - like her mom. She is so cautious of new situations and new people. She is very curious about what is going on around her - but has to check it all out before she reacts. At home, she is a whole different kid - never stops talking and moving. I always want her to be more friendly to the old people in the store that are trying to coax smiles out of her, but then I realize I am like the quietest person ever when it comes to strangers, and so I just smile and say "She's shy - like her mom." Because we aren't really THAT shy, just reserved around those we don't know and once you get us home... we're loads of fun and don't hush up.

*She has learned to entertain herself - YEAH!!! She will get all these little toys and things from her room, bring them into the living room and just play and talk and every 5 minutes give me a smile just to make sure I am still there. It is fun to watch as she has started to use her imagination. She will take wet wipes and use them as blankets for all her animals or put her bear on her lap and "read" books to him.
I love how she is becoming such a kid!

Oh and Paisley wanted to thank Grandpa A. for sending a box of packing peanuts for her along with mommy's replacement cellphone. They were loads of fun!

Thanks Paisley for always keeping me entertained - my life would be way dull without you!


Mikelle said...

Now I can officially say I know what its like to be isolated far away from any sort of family...And it is hard. I'm sorry yours is so far away. Plus, AZ is not the most beautiful state so you can't even say, "At least the weather is nice", like I did in Boise. Now that we are back you are welcome to call or hang with me anytime...I would love it! Sorry you are missing home:(

The Thompson Family said...

How cute Cyndi. I wished we lived closer to you. Then we could come over when you were all by your self. I've never thought you were shy but I guess I got the priveledge of knowing the real Cyndi :-) You were forced to live with me. We wish you guys the very best. Thanks for always coming and visiting us.

Jennette & Rich said...

Paisley is getting so big! we wish you guys were closer so we could have some fun together, we are excited for your upcoming Idaho trip!