Ice Blocking!

So - we decided to liven up our Saturday night (well, Cyndi decided and Blake was a sport and went along with it) and go ice blocking. It was fun - a little warm, but what else do you expect of Arizona summers.

Blake wished we were closer to the famous "Simplot Hill" but we made Greenfield park work instead.

Paisley was a grump and whined the entire time until we went to the actual playground.

I want everyone to notice that "the baldy" now has a few strands of hair on top - this is a new development.

Yeah - for getting out of the house, I am starting to go stir crazy being inside all the time.


Shayla said...

How fun! Did you know they dont let people ice block down Simplot hill anymore? When we lived there someone died doing it at a mutual activity... sad. So, tell Blake even if you were in Boise, you wouldn't be able to do it anyway. :)I do see some hair, cute! I like yours too :)

The Thompson Family said...

Fun, It looks like you guys had a great time. The sunset looks beautiful and I did notice that Paisley has some more strands. :-)