Monday Moms!

Parenthood:That state of being better chaperoned than you were before marriage.
~Marcelene Cox

Blake and I have had a few good laughs lately as Paisley has developed an overly-protective stance towards me. If Blake puts his arm around me she pulls it off. If we hug she joins in by hugging my legs saying "Ma-ma, Ma-ma!" And if heaven-forbid Blake tries to tickle me, she freaks out - she thinks that he is hurting me and can't handle it. Paisley makes sure she is always there if Blake and I try to have a moment together - she is quite the chaperon.

This picture is from when our only chaperon was the BYU Honor Code... it was quite the stickler too!


Ben & Chantal Howell said...

My have you two kids grown up!

jaci said...

kelsi was exactly the same way-i loved it when kent would tickle me. because i hate being tickled, if he would even try kelsi would start to cry

Krista said...

You look sooo cute in this picture! Each time I see it, the sparkle in your eyes just shine...I just had to tell you that.