So on Tuesday we got tubes in Paisley's ears! The procedure went smoothly and she has been doing great since... actually better than great - she has been absolutely wild! She is talking non-stop, running all over the place, and just lots happier than she has been lately. We have a had fun week with her not being sick or taking antibiotics! Once again - yeah for modern medicine.

Here we are at 6am at the surgery center - I think Paisley knew something not fun was about to happen!


Jessie and Byron said...

yep, tubes are WONDERFUL!! Who was your doctor? We have Dr.Futci, it kindda looks like the same surgery rooom, maybe the same doctor? He is the best ENT for sure!

Hardy Party!~ said...

I am glad things went well, and I am sure they will help her so much!! She is just too cute! Love Ya!

Krista said...

Yeah for Paisley!
Geesh you look really good for 6am! I don't look near that good that early in the morning.
Glad she's feeling better...
Just a little longer till the new one comes! yeah!

Durfee Family said...

I'm so glad that is over for you both! Paisley did look happy on Wed! Isn't it so funny how fast they bounce back! We're counting down the days until we get to see baby number 2! YEAH!