Cozy Cosette!

So lots of people have started to call Cosette "Cozy." It is funny because when we first started tossing the name around, I joked "Yeh and we can call her Cozy for short." There are worse nick-names out there so I don't mind. Cosette is a sweet baby - she has her moments (usually in the late evening) but who doesn't. She is starting to "chunk" up - I love her cheeks and rolly thighs. It is so different with her, I just want to always keep her in pajamas and baby-ish clothes but with Paisley I wanted her in "real" clothes right from the start. I guess I learned that the newborn stage is way short and I want to savor her tiny-ness as long as possible.

This week we went to the doctor for her birthmark. I mentioned before it is a Strawberry Hemangioma and it will continue to rapidly grow until she is 6 months to a year. Then it will go dormant for awhile and then slowly dissapear. In 90% of the cases they are gone by 5 years of age and 99% by puberty. They can get fairly large and raised up - so I am preparing myself for that. If it gets too close to her nostril or eye - we will have to do surgery but for now we are just in "wait and see" mode. I am just glad there will be something to show the difference between Paisley's baby pictures and Cosette's baby pictures - so far these girls look IDENTICAL.

P.S. On the pronunciation of Cosette: For the first month of her life, Blake was saying "Co-zet" and I was saying "Co-set." In order to save our kid the trauma of not knowing how to say her own name - we are going with "Co-zet." That is the correct French pronunciation and how it is said in "Les Miserables" - just in case you were wondering.


KaraLee Anderson said...

Cute little Baby! She does look so much like Paisely! If you prounouce her name the French way- it would be Cozette- so good decision.

Durfee Family said...

I love it any way you say it! She is just darling! Don't worry too much about the little birth mark. It will go away! I know it's annoying, we Mother's don't like anything not "normal" on our babies! But she's beautiful with or without it!

Krista said...

She is precious.. and already getting so big!!! :-(
I like cozy... it's cute!

Kim said...

What a cute nickname. She is so darling! I didn't even notice her birthmark the other day. It's cute and so is she!