Little memories...

My sister and I were talking awhile back about why we love to blog... we decided that the best part of it is that while you are just going about the mundane parts of your day - you will see your kids do something that will just make you stop and take a picture. I feel that my blog is a great tool for me to see the good in each day - because I am trying to keep it positive and fun for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends who check on our life - I am always trying to capture those little moments that show our everyday joys. It makes me happy and grateful for what I have as re-read past posts - my life really isn't all that bad!!! Here are some of those "stop and take a picture" moments:

Paisley loves to lick the beater - she tries to double-dip the beater once she has licked the first helping off.

Cosette is enjoying her bouncer - she has perfected the "social-smile."

Paisley trying to mix sleep and play - I wonder how much of nighttime is actually spent asleep.

Cosette tries so hard to be patient as Paisley mauls her. I swear it stresses Cosette out when she sees Paisley get in her face. Paisley is just always trying to play with her - kinda stresses me out too ;)

Rain - sweet, glorious rain!!! Best weather ever this week - love, love, love the rain and the small fact that even in the rain it is warm enough for Paisley to wear a tank-top!

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Jessica said...

I totally agree! I blog for the same reasons, and it does make those little 'normal' moments even better, doesn't it?! Love you!