Yikes - stripes!

Anyone else have a strong fetish for stripy-tights? Even with 100 degree weather I made Cosette wear these the other day just because they finally fit. They are by far my favorite addition to any outfit... the brighter - the better!

Cosette totally watches the TV which is unbelievable to me seeing that Paisley is just barely starting to be somewhat entertained by movies. Here they both are engrossed in "Yo Gabba Gabba" - Paisley's favorite video (besides her own self). Paisley was holding Cosette's hand and playing so nice with her fingers for a good 10 minutes... just one of those moments that melts this mommy's heart! Not to mention I was able to get the kitchen cleaned during this Kodak moment - yeah!


busy bowman said...

I love them!!! They are adorable! Isn't nice to know that sibling love eachother every now and then. They are sweet together and I am glad Paisley is finally starting to watch movies it is great for those wuick clean ups.

The Van Fam said...

cute stripes! i love matching kids!

Jessica said...

So cute! What a perfect little moment!