The EverGREEN state!

The girls and I headed to Washington since Blake spent the week off at Scout Camp. I love going "home" - we enjoyed the rain, the "not-seen-too-often" friends, and the family.

The highlights:Cousins, Cousins, and more Cousins!

Fun playdate with friends!

Lots of eating - I am still full from all the Tillamook Brown Cow Ice Cream and Otis Spunkmeyer cookies.

Helping in the garden.

Lots of playing - on the slide, at the park, with "Big Baby".... But most of all just playing with Grandma and Grandpa!

The lowlight:The traditional "traveling" ear infection for Paisley and all the crying, not sleeping, and miserableness that it entails.

Certainly - the good outweighed the bad!
Thanks for a great trip Mom and Dad - always looking forward to more!!!


Durfee Family said...

Your home! YEAH! I know how bad you don't want to be, but I'm glad you are! I missed you guys! I so wish you had brought some of the cool green with you!!!! I'm glad you got to be with your family! So fun!

The Hardy Things in Life said...

Happy to hear you made it home safe and sound! Poor Paisley!! I sure hope she recovers soon, don't you just love traveling! Don't worry about not calling, I totally understand. We are just happy we got to spend thursday with you and the girls! RaeLynn had a blast, she kept talking about holding Cosette! I look forward to seeing you a little more , since I know you will have to come back and visit your folks again! I just wish you were a little bit closer, the girls would have such a blast together! And it is always nice getting together with someone that shares the same interests! We sure love you guys!!

Shayla said...

FUN! Glad you had a nice visit home! Looks like you had a great time! Hope to see you soon.

McMemories said...

How fun!! I was drooling over all the green grass and trees:)

AndersonGR8 said...

The pleasure - absolute and complete - was ours. Let's pursuade Blake into a 2 week camp next year so we can enjoy just a little longer. Besides we didn't get through all of the ice cream and cookies - let alone the steak.