So we got some new family pictures taken - you might have already seen them on Facebook. I am so excited to have pictures of the whole family - it has been a while since I have seen Blake and I look so good together! Instead of using them all up with a post just of them - I am going to incorporate them into my future posts, make the thrill of showing them off last longer....

So anyways here we are saying "'Bye" to the hot and sweaty photo shoot - this works because we get to say "Bye" to Arizona for awhile. I am off to a three-week stay in Washington and Idaho and Blake is in and out of town with work trips. I am feeling spoiled with all the visits we have been able to make lately - YEAH for family face time!


jaci said...

i love your family pictures-i need to get some...i hope your trip to washington and idaho is a blast and better yet sickness free, and i was glad to here someone else shares my crazy fear of water-it makes me not feel so crazy!oh and in scouts we learned that it's actually trespassing if you take pictures on train tracks :)
ilove you too!

Stephanie said...

I saw some of your picture on FB...they are SO cute! We need to have that done soon! Hope you are enjoying your stay with family!