Alphabet Soup!

A is for Aunties!
B is for Birthdays!
C is for Cookies!
D is for Dirt!
E is for Eating!
F is for Friends!
G is for Grumpy!
H is for Hugs!
I is for Introductions!
J is for Jungle Gym!
K is for Kiddos!
L is for Lick!
M is for Monkey!
N is for Naked!
O is for Oops!
P is for Pinata!
Q is for Quiet!
R is for Rocks!
S is for Snuggles!
T is for Tower!
U is for Up-and-Down!
V is for Victory!
W is for Water!
X is for eXcited!
Y is for Yum!
Z is for ZZZzzz!


The Hardy Things in Life said...

That was so cute and I just love all the fun pictures of your stay in the wonderful Vancouver!! How was the plane ride home?! I hope you guys haven't been sick, friday night we all felt horrible. The girls had fevers and the chills, same with Stuart and I! We have slept for the past 3 days!! It is crazy!! Well anyways it was so good to spend some time with you! I know I enjoyed it!!

busy bowman said...

Miss you already!!! Even though the pictures are adorable! The memories are even better! I loved having you here and can't wait to see you in November! Larry is wanting to make spring training an annual thing and I am not arguing as long as you are in Arizona! I love you Cyndi!

Kim said...

Your so creative! Looks like there was definately lots of fun had!!