Monday Moms!

How often do we put off our "happy life" thinking it will be better when some future event occurs? Here are some true statements from me where I was putting off my happy life.

"Oh - it will be so much better when Blake is done with school."
"It would be so much easier if I lived by family."
"I can't wait until my kids are older so they can at least wipe their bums without my help."

Although there is some truth to these statements - it does no good to have them keep me from being happy today. Being happy is not so much based on outside events but more on your attitude toward the event. For instance, being a stay at home mom - there are some great things that come along with the title, but there are also a lot of "chores" too. Today, laundry needs to be cleaned, meals must be prepared, a teething baby needs to soothed, diapers must be changed, the list could go on and on... and I am the one who has to do them. So I am going to TRY to not moan and groan - but instead get done what I can and realize this is my life...

And since I don't want a sad life - I better be happy!


Jana and Christopher said...

Just think, if you were working a full-time job, you'd still have that great (long) list of things to do, just later on in the day. At least you can see the joy of your children almost always, and get the work done whenever you please! Thanks for always keeping us uplifted.

Durfee Family said...

There is SO MUCH truth to this! I know someone ;) who is always saying "I'll be happy when..." fill in the blank however you want. I have learned from watching her she is NEVER happy for long. It's always temporary. True happiness is finding contentment for the moment and enjoying the journey!

Thank you for the reminder! :)

The Hardy Things in Life said...

So true!! Thanks Cyndi!! You are awesome!!