Monday Moms!

Today I attended the funeral of a friend who lost a battle to cancer. I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and that there is comfort in knowing that she has passed on to a better home. Even with this, I can not stop thinking about her husband and their sweet children. They lost their mom and will not be able to talk, laugh, or be with her for awhile. My heart aches for her family and pray that they can be comforted.

The funeral offered a sweet reminder that life should be lived with joy, hard work, and service to others. It put life back into perspective and as I came home I hugged my girls a little tighter, thought more lovingly of my husband, and pondered about how to make this brief time on earth more meaningful. Carla set a wonderful example of making her life a happy one even when circumstances were so tough. I will miss her unfailing ability to draw out a laugh whenever she talked - it was her talent.

I am grateful for eternal families... it really is what this life is all about.


The Porter's said...

Hey, Im coming over this week. We need to start getting together more often.I will call you and set up a day.

The Hardy Things in Life said...

So true!! Thanks for that Cyndi!! You are the best!!

jaci said...

that hurt my heart-hey, remember elder bednars talk in conference when he said to not just assume that people know we love them. well i want to tell you i love you! you inspire me to be better :) can't wait to see you.

Mikelle said...

I second this: Carla was able to "draw out a laugh whenever she talked - it was her talent". That completely describes her and I miss that so much!
again thanks for keeping me in the loop.
(& I am sorry for bragging about the fall- especially if it made you more homesick. I completely forget that I know anyone in AZ who doesn't love it there- crazy people!!!)

Durfee Family said...

Thanks Cyndi! You said it well! I miss her like crazy!