Children's Art Museum!

Blake usually misses all the story-times, kids clubs, zoo visits, etc... so Friday, the girls and I drug him along to the Children's art museum. I loved it - I want to make duplicates of all the exhibits in the girl's room. This was probably the best place I have ever taken Paisley - she couldn't get enough. Each picture I looked at, I was like "oh that was her favorite thing" until I looked at the next picture and said "No - that was her favorite." When asked what her favorite was she said the slide (the one thing I didn't take a picture of)!

I made this sling a month ago - best thing I ever made! I hold my girls too much (if that is possible) and this keeps Cozy Cosette perfectly content when we go grocery shopping, on walks, and even when it is time to make dinner.

The first Friday night of each month is free - so we will probably be back over and over again - if I can talk Blake into it :)

P.S. I am not trying to give Blake a bad rep - he is rarely home so when he gets a free night, he usually just wants to veg... I can't blame him. He is a good sport about my "go-er" personality!


The Van Fam said...

we love that place too! we went on a friday a couple of months ago and the boys loved it too! let me know if you guys are going next month and maybe we can go together!

Mikelle said...

How Fun! We need to find one of those around here to go to.
A girl in my ward has one of those slings, she is always on walks with her son with it. I examined it the other day and made one of my own to use for this baby(and a small one for Hannah's doll) Who knew that a simple tube of fabric could be so extrememly handy. I can't wait to use it- glad to know you are loving yours:)

the Kprows! said...

HI! I'm Ben Howell's little sister and went to high school with Blake. I love checking out your blog, your girls are adorable! Love your daughters names too. I can't believe you made your own sling! I found one at a garage sale and use it 24/7 now to carry around my son. Best thing ever! I tried showing Chantal how to use hers, but she needs help. It's tricky learning how to make it work. Next time you see her, you should give her a little how-to lesson :) By the way she showed my the scrapbook you made Jett and it is amazing!