Hoover Dam Marathon!

Our Halloween consisted of a drive over to Boulder City, Nevada to cheer Blake on for his 6th Marathon.

We got into town and were on a mission to find a place that Blake could 'Carbo-load.' We settled on Tony's Pizza and wow - what a group of locals hang around that place!

We stayed at a Hotel and Paisley was in love... in love with the crazy long hallway, in love with the two beds to jump on, and in love with the telephone - luckily we didn't end up with any long distance fees.

While Blake was running, the girls and I hiked around Lake Mead - we collected seashells and threw rocks in the water.

As for the run, it was good to see that Blake really is human. This marathon killed him. He did awesome the first half so I was expecting him to come speeding in at his goal time... however - there were lots of hills and they got the best of him. I was starting to think that I would have to go find him at the local hospital instead of the finish line - but he eventually came across. Glad he finished - I still consider him an ALL-STAR!!!

Blake enjoying the sweet reward of cornbread and chili and mostly just enjoying the fact that he no longer is running.


The Hardy Things in Life said...

What fun!! And way to go Blake!! Happy to hear you guys had a fun weekend!!

Jana and Christopher said...

Way to go Blake! Wow, I didn't know that you've run 6 marathons. Glad you had a great Halloween.