R is for Rice...

Is your toddler going stir-crazy?

Buy a bag of rice, throw in some spoons and cups and they should be good for an hour or so.
(Hint: Don't give them the whole bag at once unless you are outside.)

I am not the hugest fan of dollar stores - but they definitely have some things that are worth stopping in for. Their toys are what I call disposable toys that I usually pick up for our road trips and just throw them away as we go. However, here are a few things that I often buy because they really are great at entertaining a two-year old:

*Balloonies - those little tubes of plastic that you blow with the straws to make bubbles.
*Silly string
*Glow sticks
*Laser pointers
*Bags of rice or beans
*Shaving cream
*Craft things
*Birdseed - Paisley loves watching the birds eat off her pine cone birdfeeder.

Dollar stores are also great for sunglasses (they usually have Wal-marts old ones), pregnancy tests, those tiny batteries in talking books and toys, holiday items, and picture frames.

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Zoe Brimhall said...

Are dollar store pregnancy tests accurate? Not that I need one of course. :) Just curious.