So long '09...

Didn't post much about our holidays - here is a quick re-cap!

*Blake got lots of time off work in which he filled with eating treats, playing video games, and hanging out with his girls.

*Cyndi savoured all the extra time with Blake - we went on 3 dates in two weeks... wow! Also, put in a personal record for distance with a run of 15 miles on New Year's Day.

*Paisley discovered the gloriousness of hot chocolate. Loved seeing the Christmas decorations and spending lots of time outside in the amazing AZ weather.

*Cosette is trying to learn how to talk so she can express her displeasure in her parents since all she got for Christmas is socks.


erin said...

Aww, cute girls in matching PJs!

Nice work on the long run! I'm thinking about doing the Utah Valley Marathon in June.. I think it's the 12th. Want to do it with me?? :)

The Hardy Things in Life said...

Love the matching pajamas, so much fun!! WOW you guys sure did do a lot, and 3 dates oh man so super jealous!! But that is so awesome!! So when is the big move! Hope all is going well, I think of you guys often!! Love you so much!

Durfee Family said...

LOVE the matching jammies! Hey, socks are great! And besides, way to be practical!