When Paisley came out of her room this morning it hit me how BIG she has gotten. Just one of those "who is this kid and where did my baby go?" moments. She proved just how big she was today too!

First, we had to go her final appointment for her tubes to make sure they were still in place before we left. She hates going to the doctor and I could tell she was super nervous when I told her that we had to go have her ears looked at. She usually screams bloody murder the second we walk into the exam room - but today she tried so hard to be brave. I could tell she hated every minute of it but she didn't cry AT ALL. I was way impressed - this is huge for her!

Second, we had our first successful trip to the potty. She HATES the potty - has some serious phobia of it. It took months of stickers and treats just to get her to sit on the thing. Since last May, she has sat on it over 100 times with nothing. So you can only imagine how ecstatic I was when after dinner, we went - we sat - and she peed! Only a Mom would ever be this happy over urine! I know we got a long ways to go but glad we at least are on our way now!

Here she is with her "blue ice cream cone" - her treat of choice for being such a big girl! Oh Paisley - you made me so proud today!


jaci said...

going pee pee in the potty is huge cyndi...i know we made up all kinds of potty dances, songs, cheers-oh, the good ol' days =)
way to go paisley!

Durfee Family said...

That is the most darling smile I've ever seen! WAY TO GO PAIS! Yep, she's growing up! :)

Jolene said...

Tell Paisley that Grandma is very proud of her for being such a brave and big girl!

Melanie Nydegger said...

YEAH!!!!!! K - go back to April 29th, and then May 2009 if you want some encouragement. Kambree also had a HUGE PHOBIA of the potty. It was horrible. Good luck - I feel your pain! YEAH for Paisley! Have you tried a mini potty? I was totally 100% against them, but as soon as we broke down and bought her one (after several days of screaming, crying, and zero success), she started agreeing to sitting on it....GOOD LUCK!

The Thompson Family said...

Yeah for Paisley! She is growing up so fast. That will be nice when she is out of diapers. Good luck with the move. Love ya guys!