Girly Girl!

Paisley is turning more girly on me - even though her favorites are still balls and cars - she got a set of dolls with snap-on clothes for her birthday that she is in love with. She carries around "Blondie" and "Brownie" all the time and loves to try to change their clothes. Thank you Jaci for one of the only toys that has entertained longer than two seconds. I will try to get a picture of her with her dollies but until than here is a tutu-shot...
she hates when I make her wear this!

Well - I got some quick pics of her with "brownie and blondie" - can you guess who's who?


The Hardy's said...

so so cute! i love it!!

Shayla said...

So cute! I may need to get one of my boys to pull one off if I never have a girl, that is just adorable! I'm assuming you made it yourself?