Monday Moms!

"A good mother has sticky floors, a dirty oven and happy children" - Anonymous

This quote feels like the story of my life - I am kind of neurotic about being clean. Not germ-freak clean... just no clutter, no crumblies, and most importantly no sticky floor. Sometimes I get frustrated because I "don't get anything done." I have always been a finisher - I have to finish every project and chore I start - but now I don't finish anything. The laundry will never be done, the next meal always needs to be planned, and I won't "finish" raising Paisley for... well, I will never finish that.
(This post itself is taking me over two hours to "finish" because Paisley keeps interrupting.)
But you know what - it is OK! It is OK that my home will never belong on the cover of Good Housekeeping. It is OK that Paisley's scrapbook is still missing pages from her last three months of life. It is OK that each day my to-do list only gets longer not shorter. It is OK that my role as mother will never be finished - because I would be heart-broken if it did.


The Hardy's said...

Cute Pics of Paisley!! Thanks for the card, I loved it!! Tell me about it, my house seems like it is always messy and then when I do clean it, well it needs to be cleaned again! Also I think it was your friend Shayla that got on my blog and asked where I got that big green bucket, I got it at Target in the garden area!! cute, cute, cute!

Kim said...

This is all so true. I've heard that quote before and I told myself I need to make a sign for my kitchen that says that. Love the picture, such pretty blue eyes!

Shayla said...

Gorgeous picture of Paisley! She is too cute! Love this post.. I am exactly the same way about trying to keep clean, but at least our homes have cute kids to make them look good at all times! Just got your email about playgroup... sounds great!!!

The Thompson Family said...

Hey Cyndi,
That sounds awesome to me. We will definately be around. Let us know all of the details and let us know if there is anything we can do. Looking forward to see you soon.