Monday Moms!

I love Mother, she loves me. We love Daddy, Yes sir-ree. He loves us and so you see we are a happy family. - Children's songbook p. 198

My most favorite thing about being a mom is watching Paisley with her Dad. I love the way Blake interacts with Paisley... he talks and reasons with her like she is some mini-adult. It just makes me laugh because I parent much more "emotionally" and Blake more "rationally." My favorite part of the day is when Blake comes home from work and we all come together as a family again. I am grateful for good dads who love their children.


The Thompson Family said...

Guess what? We will be seeing you guys tomorrow! Just to let you know Jason and I both have work tomorrow until 4. If you guys get here before then, call me and I will give you the code to the gaurage. We are excited to see you.

The Van Fam said...

Ohhh what a precious picture!!! So cute! She looks so big!