We got away from the AZ heat and spent The Fourth soaking up just the right amount of sun at the California coast! Even with the thousands of other people with the same idea... the day was perfect.

Paisley was covered with sand from head...
...to toe! But didn't seem to mind it one bit.
Cyndi got the privilege of being transformed into a lovely mermaid!
Stacey and Jason spent the day enjoying the view.
And this is one of the few pictures of Blake out of the water - he loved the boogie-boarding
(so much that he had to put a shirt on to save the skin from rubbing off his chest.)
Thanks for a fun trip Stacey and Jason - can't wait to catch some more waves with you again soon!


The Thompson Family said...

Aww, You already blogged the pictures! We had such a fun time with you guys this weekend. Thanks for coming down to play with us. Paisely is so cute. You really do have a good little girl. Hhmmm, that must mean she has really good parents. You guys are more than welcome any time and hopefully next time we go to the beach it won't be so glumy. Love ya!

The Thompson Family said...

Oh, and sorry, I forgot to mention to eveyone that it wasn't a nudist beach. Jason and I are wearing swimsuits. :-) I promise!