Monday Moms!

Why do I own these:
When all she wants is this:
When I got pregnant, Blake and I decided that we were not going to be "toy" people - but from gifts and a few thrift-store great deals... we have what should be a sufficient amount of toys for Paisley to be entertained. HOWEVER, she still finds the toilet brush so much more enjoyable - she can not stand to leave it alone. It drives me crazy, but just made me wonder what are your kid's favorite "non-toy" toy?

(p.s. Do not be deceived. That immaculate toy shelf is not the one in my house and my toilet brush is much more crusty!)


Shayla said...

Cute Post! Hunter's fav "Non-toy Toy" is my eyelash curler, and Hayden's is a lotion tube... he just rolls it around the house crawling after it for hours. Kids are awesome!

Stephanie said...

I have to agree! Why do I spend so much time picking out toys, wondering if Brittney will like them when she is happy with a fork!? Brittney's favorite non-toy toy when she was little was any measuring cup. She still asks for all her snacks to be put in a cup! Now she loves my kitchen utensils, any one will do! By the way, love the sandy Oceanside pics! Too cute :)

The Thompson Family said...

I was like, wow what a nice toy shelf they have. Our kid Dexter the hamster got our of his cage once and chewed on some super glue. I was very disappointed when I found out he was doing drugs. :-) That is the most experience I have with non-toys for now.

AndersonGR8 said...

Too cute! But what was Cyndi's favorite non-toy toy as a little one? Close to Paisley's but it came on a roll and was usually a little higher off the ground. Toilet paper was never safe and could be found scattered throughout the house. The only other thing enjoyed as much by Cyndi was sitting on her brothers and sisters homework if they were trying to do it on the floor.