Happy Birthday Blake!

We celebrated Blake's 26th Birthday yesterday - we had dinner with friends and made a splash at the ward's pool party. It is always fun to celebrate - especially when you are celebrating someone as GREAT as Blake!

Angel food cake is becoming the only cake that is allowed on birthdays at our house!!!

Paisley making the weirdest face after we got done swimming!


Shayla said...

YAY Please tell Blake that we say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We love Blake (& you & Paisley too) and miss you guys!

The Van Fam said...

Happy Birthday Blake! And Paisleys face is too cute! She has such a personality!

The Thompson Family said...

I told Blake I knew you would make him some delicious cake. Yummmmy. I can't believe how grown up Paisley looks since we last saw her. I am glad Blake had a great birthday!