Monday Moms!

You are the trip I did not take;You are the pearls I cannot buy; You are my blue Italian lake;You are my piece of foreign sky. -Anne Campbell, written while looking at her child

To the world, my life is far from glamorous. The closest I will probably ever get to Italy is The Olive Garden. And lucky for me, I never really cared for jewelry, because pearls and faded, most likely stained, t-shirts don't really go. But I do got sticky hands that reach out to me. I got smiles that Paisley saves just for me. I got proud moments as first steps are made, first words are said, and first kisses are given. When I really think about it I am not giving up much, because I get so much more in return.


The Thompson Family said...

Your blogs are always from the heart. You are always welcome at our home when ever you need a vacation. We have a two bedroom apartment with an extra bathroom. We hope to see you soon as well.

The Van Fam said...

Cyndi that is such a cute post! I totally agree. I wouldn't trade anything for being a mom! Its the best ever!