Top ten things I should probably apoligize to Blake for:

#10 - That I roll my eyes if he mentions the words "my websites."

#9 - That I put away, throw away, give away HIS stuff.

#8 - That our dinners lack a vegetable about 90% of the time.

#7 - That I always want to have a "moment" (hug, snuggle, talk, etc...) when he is trying to get something done and whine when he tries to escape.

#6 - That I complain at least once a day about living so far from family.

#5 - That I let Paisley stand on the kitchen table chairs.

#4 - That he always knows what his present are before I give them to him.

#3 - That when I get something in my head, I can't let it go and have to do it right then - NO matter what!

#2 - That when he wants to have a "moment", I usually have something in my head.

#1 - That I throw a full-fledged temper tantrum whenever he has to go camping with the Scouts...
...Like I did this time. Sorry Blake - I just hate when you have to go!!!

Look at what a great scoutmaster - he has one of the boys packs strapped to his already enormous pack... Blake does such good work with these boys, and even if I whine - I love him for that too.


Durfee Family said...
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Durfee Family said...

You aren't doing and haven't done anything the rest of us scouting widows haven't done! I remember well feeling the same way and not liking myself for it! But at least you are normal and it just shows how much you love your husband! You could be giving him his keys and shoving him out the door! :) I didn't realize Blake was on a scout outing! I should have invited you over for the day! I'm going to have to listen better for the scout dates! Hang in there! You are an awesome Mom and Wife! Hugs, Diane

The Darrach Family said...

Ahhhh you are so darn cute! I love this post-
I agree with Diane. Just wait about 15 years and you'll be like me...giving him his keys and pushing him out the door. Because I love having a night or two to myself (chick flicks and alone time) :-) Not that I don't love Jim - I do - TONS...
But I totally remember not wanting him to leave - ever! Geesh I use to whine if he went out with the guys just for the night!
You're so cute!

Stephanie Abney said...

Well, although Jim has been on a FEW TOO MANY scout outings, if you ask me ~ I do kind of love the alone time. But I'm in a different season than you are, without any little ones to tend to. Your posts are always so cute, Cindy!!

It was fun when they had that scout outing that you came to visit and my daughter Kaci was here too. We should do that again some time. Take care.

Blessings, Stephanie