What happened?

So I leave Paisley to be "parented" by Blake for two hours while I go off to softball with the Young Women, and the next day Paisley wakes up with a "shiner." We have no clue when it happened, but I obviously am blaming Blake... BUT to be fair, I am the one to be blamed for the raspberry on her forehead and the nasty boogies in her nose!

Her eye actually looks like she has some cool smoky-eye make-up thing going, I kind of want the other to match... I would use make-up of course, not give her another black eye.

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Mikelle said...

SOFTBALL!! My favorite time of the year...I miss that.
I love when kiddos come up with mysterious bumps & bruises...makes you feel so guilty somehow. You'd better hope kids #2 isn't a boy...I'm convinced boys TRY to kill themselves every day!

Your Monday Mom's post was so well said! You always have such a great perspective and I like reading them.

It was good to see you for a bit at Shayla's. Wish we would have gotten to hang out longer and chat a bit...and I wish you guys would have come with us to Six Flags- despite the fact that you were right about not liking the rollercoasters much...I think I'm done w/thrill rides forever now!

We will have to get together sometime soon!