Monday Moms!

All moms have those little tricks that work for them - here are a few of mine that I think are worth sharing. Feel free to share yours too...

If you never shop at thrift stores - give it a shot. It is s a great place to pick up kids clothes, toys, and books at a huge discount. Or atleast head for clearance racks at "real" stores - there is no reason to pay big bucks for kid's clothes that they get dirty and outgrow the next day.

Pet stores are probably Paisley's favorite place to go. They are a great place to enjoy the fun of pets without any of the work, money, or mess.

Homemade smoothies are a delicious way to get you and your kids eating more fruit. Freeze any leftovers in ice cube trays with a popsicle stick stuck in it and you have a cold, yummy snack.

Take advantage of your local library! Libraries are awesome these days - they have DVD's, CD's, and books to checkout. They also have age-specific storytimes and other kid-friendly activities. Your taxes pay for it - use it!

I am sure if you are a mom you have already figured this out, but digital cameras are great. Feel free to take a hundred million pictures and delete all the cruddy ones. When you take pictures don't just sit your kid there and have them say cheese, take lots of action and candid shots - they really capture the moment better. Be sure to always back up your pictures and every now and then print out some hard copies - it is so much better looking at pictures that you are actually holding rather than on a computer screen.


Kim said...

Thursday mornings at 9am, Goodwill has a color picked out and everything that has that color tag on it is $1.00. It's a really good deal! I'd offer to go with you but I'm on new baby house arrest.

jaci said...

another good freebie place is the hospital-you can go to the restaraunt and get an ice cream cone-here you can make it yourself...you can ride the elevator and check out the cool fish tanks too. okay i know i sound pathetic-but you have no idea how long winters in rexburg get. you would probably have to go in the summer when its so hot!
love ya, jaci