Superstition Farms!

So I am the queen of free entertainment for Paisley - I like her to experience a lot of new things but I hate paying any money. I wanted to go to a pumpkin patch to get some great photos of her with some pumpkins, but all the local patches I could find cost a bundle to get in - let alone get a pumpkin. So we went to the local farm that was having a free day at their fall festival and enjoyed the animals, a hayride, and free chocolate milk (my favorite part). On the way home we picked up a little pumpkin from the farmer's market to make it complete - yeah, for fall fun!

Thanks to our friends who came with us - we had a GREAT day (except for when Paisley got hay in her diaper which caused a few meltdowns - I guess I can't blame her though... ouch!)


Ben & Chantal Howell said...

Did Paisley try to 'head butt/love' the animals through the fence? I was just curious...although it doesn't look like any injuries were had to her head!

The Thompson Family said...

Jason takes me to pet shops for the same reason :-)