Monday Moms!

Paisley had her first day in nursery yesterday! I have been worried about her going in there for months... worried she would scream the entire two hours, worried she would cling to me like cellophane, worried that the emotional distress would throw her off for the entire day on Sundays... She was fine! Better than fine - she did great! I stayed with her for the first little bit and she couldn't have cared less that I was there. I am so HAPPY! Blake and I get a whooping 3 whole months of actually being able to hear what is being said in Sunday School. It almost makes me a little sad that she doesn't miss me - almost, but not quite!

I have always had a hard time leaving Paisley. I try to somewhat regularly so that she gets more used to other people and that Blake and I can have a date once in while... but it is hard. Even when she isn't with me, she is all I can think about - I guess the quote by Margaret Banning sums it up when she says,

A mother never quite leaves her children at home, even when she doesn't take them along."


Shayla said...

I always look forward to your Monday Moms... just so you know... thanks for sticking with it:)
I know 3 months without a baby in Sunday School doesnt seem like that long, but we actually had 2 in our primary class with us for 2 months until Hunter could go to nursery... and we still have til January for Hayden to go in.
I hope you guys are doing great! We miss you guys!

Durfee Family said...

And even after they get married you still miss them and wish you could see them and be apart of their lives more! You never stop being a mom no matter how old your children get or how much they *think* they don't need you! Isn't it great?! (I've been so busy & a little stressed I haven't been able to blog! But I had to come and see Monday Mom's! I LOVE it and like Shayla I look forward to it too! Thanks Cyndi!)

Stephanie said...

So true! It's so funny when you finally get to go on a date with your sweetie and all you talk about is the funny thing she did that day! We have caught ourselves doing that many times. I was impressed with how well Paisley did on Sunday. Yay for you!