What makes me happy...

*When I tell Blake what is for dinner and he says "Oh - that sounds good!"
*If I get mail that is from a real person!
*A clean kitchen!
*My family members updating their blogs!
*The Young Women girls telling me "Thanks" after a lesson or mutual activity!
*Paisley saying "Niiiiicccceee" while petting my face!
*Wearing the one pair of maternity pants that I don't have to hike up back to my hips 50 times a day!
*Reading while in the bathtub!
*If Paisley eats her veggies!
*Going to humanitarian day and institute with all the "old" people!
*Looking at pictures of when Blake and I were dating and asking him "Do you remember when... we went hot-tubbing until we were all itchy... when I thought you were like "Rogue" off X-men and couldn't touch me... when we played racquetball with Dan..."
*Being outside with a hoodie on!
*That Paisley can recognize her Grandparents in photos!
*Winning Settlers!
*Eating celery with lots of salt!
*The sound of my own sewing machine!
*BYU football!
*Writing "Thank you" notes!
*Ending sentences with exclamation marks!!!
*This Picture...

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The Van Fam said...

Settlers! Is that the game we played with you like a million years ago! I couldn't remember the name of it! Cute post!