Yabba Dabba Do!

Happy Halloween! We had our favorite ward activity yesterday - The Fall Festival! We went as Fred, Wilma, and Pebbles Flintstones complete with orange hair for me and Paisley. Blake didn't want to wear a "dress" like Fred really wears, so he got to wear the "obvisouly my wife wanted me to dress up, but I wanted to wear a t-shirt and jeans" costume. We did win Best Costume so that made all the sewing worth it and has me trying to come up with next years costumes already - I love homemade Halloween costumes!

This pretty much sums up what Paisley ate for dinner - she was sick and threw up her "real" dinner earlier. The only thing I could coax her into eating there was a handful of candy corn - yummy!

She got the hang of the "trunk-or-treat" thing pretty fast - she liked getting the candy from the people and putting it in the bag that Dad carried... we just had to remind her "only one" every now and again.

Here's Pebbles playing in the pebbles - this costume was great for her because it was like wearing normal clothes; she could still run around and cause a ruckus. And lucky enough we live in a place that is warm enough for kids to be half-naked on Halloween.

Later that night, she was the most sick she has ever been - but you wouldn't have known while we were at the party. She danced, played the carnival games like 20 times, ran everywhere... absolutely had a great time!

Can't wait for next year!


Shayla said...

SO FUN! How cute!? Love your costumes... I've always wanted to be the Flintstones but I just keep having boys:0)So jealous... I miss "our" ward & wish I could have been there so bad!!

erin said...

You guys look awesome. Cute idea Cyndi! You've got some great sewing skills!

The Thompson Family said...

How cute. All of that sewing in college payed off. I was kind of hoping to see Blake in a dress :-) We miss and love ya guys. Oh and congrats on winning the best costume!

Krista said...

You guys looked great!
Glad you won the prize!
Missed you're smiley face at Church!
Hope Paisleys feeling better!

Rich Taylor said...

You have about as much luck getting our Dad in a dress as you would getting Blake into one.

Durfee Family said...

You guys really did deserve that award! You looked great! How's Paisley? We missed you yesterday! Hope she is feeling better! Love You Guys, Diane