Monday Moms!

"Give me a house to call my own; family and friends to make it a home."
-Crosstitch on my mom's wall

I have always had a thing for "home" - rather that be my parent's house, Blake's parent's house, or our house in AZ. For me, I would rather be at one of these three homes than anywhere else... it's just I also want everyone else to be there too! My favorite memory of my home here in Arizona is when Paisley was being blessed and we had 12 other family members filling up my little house. Although it was crowded, messy, and loud - my house felt more like "home" then at any other time.

I remember when Blake and I came to a Arizona to look for houses. We had one day to look, find, and make an offer... it was a little crazy. We bought right at the peak of the housing market boom, so most of the houses in our price range were pretty slummy. When we walked into the house we ended up buying, the first thing I remember thinking was "This house is SO nice, we will not be able to afford it." Once we were moved in, I also remember thinking how BIG it was and that I would never be able to fill it. Coming from our tiny, dirty, and really old BYU apartment, this house was like a beautiful mansion to us.

NOW, when I look around I tend to focus on the peeling paint, the rusty faucets, and the lack of space. Funny how quickly my perspective changed! I try to always remember how much I loved this house when we first moved in. I remind myself that the "look" of your house doesn't matter nearly as much as the "feel" - and I love the way I feel at "HOME!"

This is the first night we slept in our "new" home - we were so excited!


Nayliner3 said...

Hi Cyndi & Blake
This is your cousin Jana. I got your blog address from Jolene and have loved reading about how things are going for you in Arizona. Your Halloween costumes are darling.
Jana (Christopher & Kate)

Krista said...

Consider yourself "BOO-ED!" Check back to my blog to get your "treat"!

Love the perspective reality... it's so true!

The Van Fam said...

So cute!! I love that quote! I remember feeling like that too once we moved out of our apt into our house, it felt huge, but I am already complaining too haha!

jaci said...

i love reading your blog cyndi-you always seem to be able to say exactly what i would feel too-i love homemade halloween costumes too-enjoy it while they are young enough to get away with it...and i'm so glad that you can say you loved us all there for the blessing, if i could swing it i would like to again. tell me when it is when you know. love, jaci