Baby Shower!

Now I know why pregnant ladies don't throw their own baby showers... Last night we had a baby shower for "mothers in need" for our Young Women's activity and I was in charge. It was loads of fun, but also loads of craziness! I just wasn't as organized and ready for all the energy of the girls as I should have been. It was a great service though! The girls all brought a donation - onesie, diaper, blanket, etc. and we assembled them in packages for the moms.

We also played the baby shower games and I realized teenage girls are way more into this than old ladies at real baby showers. The candy bars in the diapers were way more realistic than I imagined - Paisley saw them and said "Poo-poo, Yuck!"

I also tried my first attempt at cake decorating (obvisouly I know nothing) but it was still fun to make these "onesie" cakes... and Paisley thought playing in flour and powdered sugar with mom all day was loads of fun!

This is me by the time I got home and after taking 5 trips from the car to get all the loot inside - I had frosting all over my "chest," Paisley was running around crazy outside, my kitchen had a thin layer of stickiness on every surface from all the cake-making, and Blake was still MIA for the day. It did feel good to give service and I am pretty sure the girls had a good time - I would call it a success!


Kim said...

your such a good YW leader. That is such a great idea. A lot of work, but still a great idea.

The Thompson Family said...

Cute Cyndi, your cakes turned out great! Too bad Blake wasn't home to take care of that frosting. Just kidding :-)

Durfee Family said...

It was GREAT! Shoot! I didn't even think about you having to carry all that stuff into the house by yourself! You really out did yourself! Personally, I thought you were very organized! We were just a little crowded and have some very energetic girls!!! They had fun though! You are awesome!

Shayla said...

Hey! Those cakes look great!! How fun! Hope you're doing great! Let us know if you come up this way for the holidays!

Krista said...

Cyndi - it was awesome! I should have come and helped you carry it all in! Yikes!
The cakes were so Cute!!!
You totally outdid yourself and I think Diane is right...you should be the official activity planner!
We always have more fun when you plan it!