Here is the most recent video of Paisley. As you watch, you can notice a few new tricks she has been up to. First, we finally got to break out the warm, feets-y pajamas and I love snuggling her while she wears these. Second, she still is my little music girl - she loves to dance and sing along with mom! She is very forgiving of my off-key performances and as soon as I finish one song she usually says "next" so I will sing another. Third, she is still working on the hair thing, but now allows me to put a "pony" in when we go out in public - it is starting to help with her gender-issues. Finally, she has officially learned how to sleep through the night - I know, 18 months, it was due time. It is the best present she ever gave me and I can't believe I am going to have start all over with the sleep-issues in like 2 months.

As for me, the pregnancy is just kicking (literally) along. I am 30 weeks (7.5 months) and baby seems to be great. To remind all of you, we are having a boy. JUST KIDDING - it is still a surprise and will remain that way until mid-January.

Blake started another trimester of school. His second-to-last... YEAH! We can not wait until he is MBA'd. He is loving his new job at Allied Waste and is making a good impression there. He is looking forward to Thanksgiving break and a trip to Boise to see the family. I am just looking forward to him being on the plane with me this time to help with the little monster.


Hardy Party!~ said...

Thanks for the address! So you are going to Boise for Thanksgiving that should be tons of fun! Paisley is so cute and growing way too fast, let me tell you it just goes by so much faster with the 2 one!

erin said...

Wow... I don't think I could ever stand the suspense of not knowing the gender of the baby! Haha... So, props to you guys for that! How fun. I can't wait to hear what this next baby is. Paisley is so cute!
We'll be in AZ for Christmas... like the 17th-first week of Jan. If you're staying in town, we should get together! :)
Oh, and about your comment, Ella just nurses for a few minutes too! (and she goes for quite a while between feedings!) Too funny... I'm glad you can relate! haha.