So I know I promised you pictures on Friday, so that you could get your weekend fix of Paisley... but it just did not happen until now. Here are some recent happenings with the little lady.

Her FAVORITE snack right now is popcorn. She thinks it is magical and asks for it at least once at every meal. She loves to watch it pop and eat it too - especially when mom puts lots of butter and salt on it to enjoy with her! Any moms reading this, should buy their kid a popcorn popper for Christmas - it is the cheapest, somewhat healthy snack I can think of and so FUN!!!

We went to the temple lights on Wednesday with the Young Women. Paisley loved all the "trees" and the giant "star." She is all about the holiday decor and loves when we go for walks to see the neighbor's blow-up snowmen and lights. Someone (I am guessing nursery) taught her the snowmen song and it is so fun to here her sing it. Here she is showing off her "cheesy" face.

I watched our friend a lot last week... we kept having to come up with new games to keep the kids entertained. On Thursday, we pulled out all of the dodgeballs and played in the backyard. I will admit that there are bonuses to living in an oven - the weather was perfect room temperature all last week and even rained at night - Oh, how I love rain.

Saturday, Blake finally finished up his monstrously crazy week and we were able to go pick out our Christmas tree at night. We got the "tallest" cheap tree in the lot thanks to Blake's hard looking. It is a beautiful tree and is almost a "theme" tree because of my lack of decorations - Paisley and I might have to make come cookies or paperchains just to uglify it more! I love that it makes my whole house smell like "Washington" and I didn't think it was possible - but made me look forward to our little family Christmas that we will be having here.

Hope you had a good weekend DAD! We love and miss you! - The Taylors


Jess said...

Hey Briz, this is Dave and I am wondering where on earth do you find such a ghetto popcorn popper!?!? You know I love you and that is why I can tease you.

AndersonGR8 said...

So pops didn't even get into the personal element of life yesterday - i really need to retire to keep up. The pics were great and brightened my day today. Looking forward to coming your way for a visit and some personal face time with Paisley. But now i am hungry for popcorn...