The Name Game!

SOOOOOO... I found out what I hate more in life then peanut butter or the dentist - naming my kids! Naming Paisley was somewhat stressful, but ended with what I consider to be the best name ever... it is unique but when you see it most people know how to pronounce it or at least have heard of a paisley tie or Brad Paisley. Now we are having #2 in like a month and a half and I am so over trying to come up with a name. I know we make it even harder on ourselves by not finding out what we are having, but believe me having a "surprise" is like Christmas morning and winning the lottery combined - you can't tell me otherwise if you haven't tried it... Anyways, like I was saying... I have been on atleast a dozen babyname websites, read the entire "Baby Names from A to Z" book twice - yes all 15,000 names, and still am at a loss. I don't know why it is something that stresses me out so much - I just want my kids to have the perfect name that is different, meaningful, and sounds great! AGGGGHHHHhhhhh... I am so afraid I am going to end up with some nameless kid.


Rich Taylor said...

Easy, Richard

Kim said...

it's like you told me.... "you came up with good ones before, you will again". It will come, and it's ok if it has to wear on you to like it.

Jo Ann Anderson said...

Your brother is great at it! No one can say Anali right due to the spelling. Aden is spelled different than and super common and as for Avalon she is named after a field in Utah. I do have to say he comes up with some unique stuff in our quest for names. I'm sure he would be happy to assist you, but beware you may end up with a Quatilla. I have to agree that names are the hardest and I think say so much about you. Good Luck on the hunt!