Monday Moms!

Even when freshly washed and relieved of all obvious confections, children tend to be sticky. - Fran Lebowitz

I never realized the mess that one toddler can make. I feel that just as one thing gets cleaned - another is being destroyed. I usually can handle this... knowing that "someday" my house will be clean once more - but right now, I am in my pregnant-clean-freak-nesting phase. I seriously have to block the stained carpets, crayon-colored table, and finger-print covered windows out of head so that I can sleep at night. I hate that I can't let it go as good as I usually can because it makes for a grumpy mom when I am just cleaning one thing after another, only to be followed by "Hurricane Paisley" and her path of destruction.

This picture is of Paisley's recent form of entertainment. She gets all her blankets (which is ALOT), her bears, her dolls, and this time even included her books - and piles them all on top of her. She either will do it in the rocking chair or couch, but last night as Blake and I were watching the Christmas Devotional in the Lovesac she did it right on top of us. The funny thing is she tries to hold all these items in her arms at the same time, and usually ends up saying "Oh-Uh Bear!" "Oh-Uh Baby!" "Oh-Uh Bear!" because they keep falling. It is one of those cute, fun messes that she makes!

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