Monday Moms!

Blake and I celebrated our FOUR year wedding anniversary yesterday - Hip, Hip, Hooray! So I thought I would pass along the three pieces of marital advice that have influenced me the most over the past 48 months... because a big part of being a MOM is being a WIFE!!!

#1 - ALWAYS go to bed together!
Not everyone agrees with this one - heck, I even had to convince Blake... but 99% of the time we do crawl under the covers at the same time! For me, it is the one time when I can stop being a wife and mother and just focus on the wife part. We have had the most laughs, deepest conversations, and fun times ;) while drifting off to sleep together. Some days it is the only time I get to spend with Blake and I cherish these quieter moments.

#2 - It's OK to leave the dishes in the sink overnight - just not for days!
This one came from my sister-in-law JO at my wedding shower and at the time I didn't really see the meaning behind it... But for a clean-freak like me, it is the best advice! Sometimes I get so caught up in trying to keep everything in it's place that I stop focusing on what really matters - AKA Blake and Paisley! I used to have to put every dish in the dishwasher the second it hit the sink - no matter if we had friends over or what. Now, I always remind myself to just let it go - have fun while everyone is having fun - and the cleaning can wait.

#3 - "She looked at him, her eyes all a flutter as he carved 'I love you' in the butter!"
My stake president who interviewed Blake and I before our marriage told us this little rhyme. He tried to explain that in marriage it is not the big things but the little ones that make the difference. Love notes written on steamy bathroom mirrors, walking hand and hand, making that special meal, bringing home cheap Wal-mart flowers - it doesn't take much to bring back that "love spark." Any boys reading this should pay attention to this one, because I do believe that girls need this more than guys.

I am so grateful that I get to be a wife - it has taught me a lot... almost as much as being a mom :)

Here we are young and in love - which also reminds me that if you have them, you should look at the pictures of when you were dating often. I love to reminisce about how crazy we were - staying up all hours of the night talking, drinking hot cocoa in negative degree weather, going on cheap dates - all the things we would do just to spend a few more minutes together!


Krista said...

Love your post! It's all so true - it's quite the roller coaster ride(I can say that after 198 months with Jim)
My #1 thing is appreciation - as long as I have that - everything else works itself out, but it always starts with me.
Thanks for the reminder.

AndersonGR8 said...

Great advise for all of us - 4 years or 40 the formula you mention still works! Thanks for the reminders. Love, Pops

The Thompson Family said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it has been four years already. I am so proud that I could be there in the beginning:-) I have asked for one of the weeks off in June so we can come see you guys. I will let you know more later. Love you guys.