Well - it had to end... The tree had to come down, the Christmas music stopped, and Blake back to work. DANG IT!!!

It was such a wonderful holiday season - Blake had 9 days off of work and I forgot how perfect it was to have him around. We relaxed at home, went grocery shopping together, and tried to keep Paisley busy (I think we went to the mall like 10 times for her to play in the kid's area). I loved having the extra hands to help and being able to have adult conversations during the day. Usually the holidays are spent traveling, which is GREAT because we get to see family, but this year it was also nice to just have some quiet family time, especially since Blake has been and will be crazy-busy! Paisley loved the lights, snowmen, and treats that came along with all the celebrating. She also had so much fun playing with her daddy and their new Legos. I only had to remind Blake a few times that he needed to share...

I am sad it all has to end. BUT I am super excited that time keeps marching on because I am so ready to get this next baby here - I don't know how much more of an assault my ribs can handle. More importantly though, the baby will bring that special newborn spirit into our home, my moms will come stay awhile, and family will be dropping in. I already know 2009 will bring some good times !!!


Krista said...

Yes, it's sad when it's over - but exciting to meet baby #2 - I can't wait! I know you can't.
Happy New Year!

Rich Taylor said...

Blake has always had trouble sharing the Legos. Happy New Year and we are excited for the new baby.