This one is for me... and Christy, Monte, Jaci, David, Kara, Chad and Noel!

There is one thing more than any other that brings Christmas instantly into my heart and I found it on Youtube!!! Most will not understand this (unless you're one of my siblings) - but Roger Whittaker, specifically "Darcy the Dragon," puts me back into matching flannel jammies carving a nativity scene out of soap, wood, clay, or whatever it was mom came up with that year. I really need to find this album since I am sure more copies exist than just the one my parents own, but until then this will be on repeat most of Christmas Eve... who knew that a cruddy-quality, on-line video could bring so much holiday joy to one person's heart!


AndersonGR8 said...

We all gathered around and listened to this wonderful memory of year's past. What a wonderful way to end our Christmas just as the day ends and with all of here.

Looking forward to future times together.
Love Mom and Pop

jaci said...

thanks for the fun memory cyndi-i am always uplifted when i read your blog...thanks! love you;)