Merry Christmas from The Taylors!

Here is the family photo and X-mas letter we sent out to far-away family and folk...

Two thousand eight has been a splendid year,
We figured we would write and spread some cheer.
Our hopes are to fill you in on some news,
And keep you entertained so you don’t snooze.

There’s Cyndi, Blake, and little Paisley Jo,
One on the way, boy or girl we don’t know!
January our next baby is due,
We’ll surely send pictures of number two.

Paisley got big - now a year and a half,
She says “mama, dada”, and loves to laugh.
She clings to mom and enjoys attention,
With her there is a lot we could mention.

Paisley’s favorite place is to be outside,
She prefers the park to go down the slide.
She just caught on how to sleep through the night,
It makes Blake and Cyndi scream with delight!

Cyndi tries to keep Paisley occupied,
If she said it’s easy, she must have lied.
Most days other kids are in Cyndi’s care,
We hope that it will teach Paisley to share.

Cyndi still works with the Young Women crowd,
The girls are a joy- they’re silly and loud.
For fun, she reads or sews a crafty thing,
She waits for the thrills next baby will bring.

Blake took a position at Allied Waste,
Being a garbage man was more his taste.
That’s a trashy joke – hope you got the gist,
He is still A financial analyst.

With work, school, and being called Scoutmaster,
Blake’s busy and hopes the end comes faster.
In mid May, he will get his MBA.
We’ll celebrate with a “HIP-HIP-HOORAY!”

We miss family and friends, who live afar,
It makes us so want to pack up our car.
We’d love to visit for a day or two,
Just to spend sometime face to face with you.

We really do hope this finds you all well,
And you consider it more than junk mail.
Until next year, we better bid adieu,
May the holidays be so good to you!


Stephanie said...

So cute and very creative. Somebody has a talent for rhyming! I wanna know how long it took to come up with that! :)

Krista said...

That was awesome! Yeah I agree, you'd better join our writing group! Thanks for sharing! Loved it!

Team Nydegger said...

I loved getting your Christmas card and love this picture - Cyndi, you look AMAZING for being due next month! I am bummed we missed each other coming out to Boise - one of these years our trips will overlap and I'll finally get to meet you! You have a beautiful family!!!!