Monday Moms!

"If nature had arranged that husbands and wives should have children alternatively, there would never be more than three in a family." - Lawrence Housman

I am sure this quote is applying more to the actual pregnancy and labor part of having a kid, but I thought the following experience shows how when it comes to being the mom a man could never hack it.

It was our second night home with two kids. I was up at 3am feeding Cosette, when Paisley started to holler (Yes - she is still adjusting and no longer sleeps through the night... again. Grrrr... obviously having a newborn that eats every 2 to 3 hours was not enough for my sleep-deprived state that we needed to through an insomniac toddler into the mix. Anyways...). Well, since I was attached at the - well you know where - feeding Cosette, I nudge Blake and say "Go help Paisley." I get no response. After two more nudgings and me practically yelling, he's awake - very dazed and confused - but awake. He is still having a hard time understanding what I wanted - so I spell it out, "Go get Paisley's cup of water and give it to her - but don't let her drink the whole thing because she might throw up." He finally is on the move and I think that the matter is settled, only to have him appear 2 seconds later holding Paisley's cup trying to give it to me to give to Cosette.

I look at him exasperated and he says "I am doing something wrong."

"Yes" I reply "Go give it to Paisley!"

He is off once more - we always hold Paisley when she wakes up at night so I am surprised when he appears a second later and I still hear Paisley crying. He had just put her cup in her crib with her. At this point, I kind of want to kick him as I tell him "Go back in there and hold her so she drinks and goes back to sleep." He does as he is told and eventually gets Paisley back to sleep and comes back and crashes himself. As I watched him drift back into dreamland, I felt completly frusterated but at the same time it was almost endearing how much effort this task took him. I was struggling between still wanting to kick him or to kiss him. And the next day as he asks me "Was I acting weird last night?" I just have to laugh remembering the whole situation and say "Yes - honey you were."


Kim said...

That is so classic. I'm glad you have it on here so you can laugh about it. That has happen to us too. Sage started crying out in the night when we brought Rhett home too. She would just say she was cold and I would throw a blanket on her. Most of the time she was already covered so it was just the attention!

Jake said...

Too funny. I think all guys need a play by play every once in a while when it comes to taking care of the kids!
-erin :)

Durfee Family said...

That is too funny! Something that is definitely going on in homes all over the world! (ours too - once upon a time!)

Krista said...

Too cute Cyndi!
What a good husband...and what a patient wife.
Thanks for sharing!

The Hardy Things in Life said...

Isn't that just so true! Love it! Thanks so much for sharing that with us! What a wonderful husband you have, and an even better wife you are for being so patient with him! Love ya!

Melanie Nydegger said...

Okay, that is hilarious and you guys crack me up. We have had many similar moments. Hang in there. We had the same issue - Kambree has NEVER been a good sleeper, and reverted to waking up in the middle of the night after Cody was born. But don't worry - she saved most of those months for once Alan left! So often I had to choose between the newborn or the not-even-two-year-old, who needed my attention more at 2am! Ugh. It gets better. (I hope!) I'm still waiting for a solid night's sleep...the month of October was good, but Cody has gone back to waking up a few times a night again. Why we are blessed with such terrible sleepers, I will never know. But you are doing fabulously, and you have a BEAUTIFUL family! Congrats!!!!