Just because it has been awhile since we have seen his face on here... and because he is such a handsome Dad/Scoutmaster. (I would like this uniform more if it didn't always mean off to a meeting, campout, service project, etc...)


Krista said...

She makes him look HUGE. LOL
Alright... I know it's the other way around...
She looks so little. Hope you're doing well, we miss you already.
See you soon.
Bummer you get to miss the snow trip...

Durfee Family said...

You are living the life I lived when I was first married. I totally get the love/hate relationship with that shirt! I'm still a little resentful of it! But I do like seeing Vaughan interact with the YW and know what a great example and leader he is! Your husband is the same! I think Blake is awesome! I guess we wives just have to hang in there and know that we have other women who "get it"!